Bid Instruction Software for General Contractors

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  • Close Scope of Work Gaps
  • Centralize & Standardize the Bid Instruction Process
  • Increase Profit
  • Build More & Faster
  • Reduce Friction for All Stakeholders

Creating subcontractor bid instructions and subcontract scope attachments has never been this easy! All of your scope information in one place.

No more documents, spreadsheets, and email chains.

BidScaler scope of work bid instruction software

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The BidScaler Advantage

Manage Less.
Build More.

Our hassle-free technology helps eliminate the upfront work to develop bid instructions, close the gaps in scope coverage, reduce the amount of change orders, increase profits, improve construction quality, and keep your owners and subcontractors happy.

Build Faster
and Increase Profit

Go to contract quickly and confidently with BidScaler. With a scalable bid process, you get ultra-fast turnaround time on bids with less back-and-forth with subcontractors. Save money from constant change orders and gain more time to estimate and work on other projects.

Close the Scope
Coverage Gap

Stop missing scope. With just a few clicks, add database items from previous projects or save them on the fly during takeoff. Every scope of work is conveniently saved in one place – choose the trade scope you’re working on in one click, generate a custom scope attachments based on the specific needs of the project.

Create Customized Instructions
in Minutes

BidScaler allows you to breakdown each project based on how you typically buyout the work. Start your project, choose your buyout packages and add the exact work that needs to be done – it’s that easy. No more Word documents or spreadsheets.

Work Together
at Any Location

Bring your entire project team online to create bid instructions and scopes of work with our innovative cloud technology. Enjoy the convenience of having multiple users work on the same or different projects at the same time in the office or in the field.

The Perfect Estimating
Companion Tool

BidScaler works seamlessly with your existing plan takeoff software, invitation to bid tools, and cost estimating systems. BidScaler is the missing tool for generating accurate subcontractor bid packages.